I love capturing images of the culmination of my clients’ hard work and creativity. My work is a collaboration with creatives to achieve the vision they often already have in their minds, or to provide a fresh perspective, new angles and a different take.
When photographing interiors, architecture and products on location, I adopt a fairly structured approach whereby prospective clients firstly chat with me about the project and their relationship to it and often send me shots they’ve taken to give me a feel for the space or products. Upon arrival at the location, I gauge where the sun will be at various stages for the duration of the shoot so that we can get the best results from the light and time at our disposal.
Editing is a fundamental part of my process and I edit all of my own work, refining the exposure so that it does the space or products justice and ensuring that the composition is well balanced. Playing with angles and lines, light and shade; combining my passions of photography and design, is my favourite thing to do!
With over eight years experience as a professional photographer on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne, my work has been published in magazines, newspapers and coffee table books. As a sustainable design enthusiast, I offer a discount to support clients who adopt an eco-friendly approach to their designs! Rachel Winton Photography is carbon neutral through green energy and contributing to biodiverse reforestation carbon offsets in Australia.
Please call 0410 522 060 or email me at rawinton@icloud.com if you'd like more info or to make a booking.
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